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Paula Pearlman Speaks at Press Conference to Stop Court Segregation at Federal Courthouse

March 14, 2013

On Thursday, March 14th, DRLC Executive Director Paula Pearlman spoke at a press conference held at the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse discussing a lawsuit filed against Los Angeles County over its proposed closure of several courthouses that handle eviction cases. The claim filed by DRLC along with Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, Western Center on Law and Poverty, and Legal Aid Foundation (Miles, et al. vs. Hon. David S. Wesley, et al. CV13-1817 DMG(RZx)), argues that by eliminating access to 21 local courthouses, leaving only five courts to handle landlord disputes, people with disabilities will not be able to access court services due to transportation barriers and physical and programmatic accessibility barriers at Courthouses. Ms. Pearlman stated "If the proposed closure of 21 courtrooms in L.A. Superior Court that hear eviction cases goes through, tens of thousands of tenants, many with severe disabilities, will not only be evicted from their homes but will be evicted from the judicial process itself." Additionally people who wish to access the legal system will be sent away from local courthouses to remote locations far from their homes. Ms. Pearlman further commented "[We] all join together in demanding this preliminary injunction before tenants who are low-income, who are non-English speaking, and/or who have severe disabilities have to face a new daily challenge: homelessness."

To read a copy of the press release, please click here.