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The HCP Manual: A Legal Resource Guide for Oncology Health Care Professionals (3rd Edition - 2012)

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This manual is a resource for health care professionals (e.g. doctors, nurses, social workers, psychosocial care providers, patient navigators, and advocates) on the various questions and issues often faced by patients coping with cancer, and provides valuable information about cancer-related legal issues, from diagnosis through survivorship. This manual is part of a project funded by LIVESTRONG to educate health care professionals about cancer-related legal issues.

Spiral bound hard copies of The HCP Manual are available for $5, payable by check or credit card. To order a hard copy of The HCP Manual, please download this order form, then mail the completed form to CLRC or pay online.

Patient Legal Handbook

This handbook is a resource for patients coping with cancer and provides valuable information about cancer-related legal issues, from diagnosis through survivorship. This handbook is part of a project funded by Amgen's Breakaway from Cancer partnership program to educate patients with cancer about cancer-related legal issues.

Instructivo Legal del Paciente

Este instructivo es un recurso para los pacientes enfrentando el cáncer y proporciona información valiosa sobre las cuestiones legales relacionadas con el cáncer, desde el diagnosis hasta la sobreviviensa. Este manual es parte de un proyecto financiado por el programa de asociación,  Breakaway  from Cancer de Amgen para educar a los pacientes con cáncer sobre cuestiones legales relacionadas con el cáncer.


Reasonable Accommodation Options (2013)

Your Right to Take Off Work (2016)

Medical Certification (2015)

Estate Planning

End of Life Choices Decision Making (2015)

End of LIfe Treatment Options (2015)

Wills and Trusts (2015)

Estate Planning Personal Records File (2012)

Taking Care of Business (2012)

Conservatorships (2013)

Glosario de Planificación de Patrimonio (2015)

Expedientes Personales para Planificación de Patrimonio (2015)

Poniendo Sus Asuntos en Orden (2011) 


Budget Sheet (2013) 

Financial Assistance Resources (2016)

Asistencia Financiera (2015)


Managing the Cost of Care/Consumer Rights (2013)

Manejando el Costo de Cuidado de Cáncer (2015)

Is Bankruptcy Right for Me? (2013)

¿Es la bancarrota la opción apropiada para mí? (2015)

Disability Insurance (2013)
Seguro de Discapacidad (2015)


Life Insurance (2013)
Seguro de Vida (2011)  


Prescription Drug Assistance (2013)
Asistencia nacional para prescripciones (2011)  

Health Insurance

A Step by Step Consumer's Guide to Health Insurance Appeals (2013)

Medigap (Medicare Supplements)  

Medicaid Overview (2015)

Tax Subsidies and the ACA (2013)


Affordable Care Act: The Supreme Court's Decision

Affordable Care Act: What Health Care Reform Means

How the Affordable Care Act Affects Me

Caregiver Rights (2016)

Children & Cancer (2013)  
Ninos y Cáncer (2011)

Clinical Trials Handout (2012) 

Discharging Student Loan Debt (2014)   

Genetic Discrimination (2013)  

Higher Education (2014)  

How to Become a Research Advocate (2012)

Concerns about Care - Medical Boards and Medical Negligence (2013)


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