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CLRC Partners

The Cancer Legal Resource Center works with many organizations, agencies, and professional associations and coalitions to reach the cancer community, provide education on cancer-related legal issues, and to make systemic changes to our systems through legislative advocacy. These are some of our partners and the coalitions in which we participate:


American Cancer Society Logo

American Cancer Society
The CLRC has partnered with The American Cancer Society, the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.


American Bar Association Health Law Section

American Bar Association (ABA) Health Law Section
The American Bar Association (ABA) Health Law Section and the CLRC have partnered to further our shared breast cancer legal advocacy goals.


Breast Cancer Legal Advocacy Taskforce

The Breast Cancer Task Force is the ABA Health Law Section's premier pro bono effort. Since its inception in 1993, the ABA’s Breast Cancer Task Force has provided information and education on a wide range of legal issues related to women's health, and provided extensive resources to lawyers and consumers dealing with breast cancer. To learn more about the Breast Cancer Task Force and upcoming events, click here


 ACCESS for LA Coalition
The CLRC has partnered with ACCESS for LA Coalition. ACCESS’s vision is to act as a catalyst and advocate for diverse communities in Los Angeles County to address factors that impact cancer-related health disparities.


Alliance for Quality Psychosocial Cancer Care The Alliance for Quality Psychosocial Cancer Care
The CLRC has teamed up with the Alliance for Quality Psychosocial Cancer Care, an organization formed in the late fall of   2008 as an informal coalition of professional and advocacy organizations engaged in psychosocial cancer care issues. The primary goal of the Alliance is to implement recommendations from the Institute of Medicine’s report, “Cancer Care for the Whole Patient: Meeting Psychosocial Health Needs.”  The Alliance also works to inform and educate key audiences that quality psychosocial care is critical to optimal clinical outcomes for people affected by cancer, to advocate policies to ensure that all patients are screened and have access to quality psychosocial care, and to advance translational research and standards of care in psychosocial oncology.

Be the Match Logo 

Be The Match
The CLRC is excited to announce a partnership with Be The Match on a new resource, ExploreBMT. ExploreBMT is a one-stop online resource for individuals seeking information about blood and marrow transplantation. The CLRC is a contributing partner in this effort. The purpose of this online resource is to serve as a comprehensive, guided source for transplant-related resources from diagnosis through survivorship. For more information, visit: Additionally, CLRC Staff Attorney, Laura Riley, Esq., collaborated with Maria Eugenia MacWilliams, Bilingual Patient Services Coordinator at Be the Match, Patient Services, to develop a presentation on health insurance options and guidance on financial and legal planning for stem cell transplant patients in Spanish. Click here to view the presentation.

Breast Investigators LogoBreast Investigators
The CLRC has partnered with Breast Investigators, an informational website and social network designed to provide women and men with the information they need to take action and make informed decisions about their breast health. The CLRC looks forward to sharing free information and resources on breast cancer-related legal issues on Click here to visit the CLRC’s profile.

Bright Pink Logo


Bright Pink
Young women who are at a higher risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer now have one more resource available to them. In conjunction with Bright Pink and Cancer and Careers, the CLRC has created a one-of-a-kind guide for young women on managing breast and ovarian health and employment, including tips, laws and resources. The information can be viewed on the Bright Pink website. Additionally, the CLRC and Bright Pink have worked together to provide valuable information regarding Genetics and the Law. That information can be found here.

CalOptima Logo

CalOptima Community Alliances
CalOptima’s mission is to provide members with access to quality health care services delivered in a cost-effective and   compassionate manner. The CLRC has teamed up with CalOptima, a county organized health system that administers health insurance programs for low-income families, children, seniors and persons with disabilities in Orange County. As the second largest health insurer in Orange County, CA they provide coverage to one in eight residents and more than a quarter of our community’s children through three major programs: Medi-cal, One Care, and Healthy Families Program.

Cancer and Careers Logo
 Cancer and Careers

The CLRC has developed a strong partnership with Cancer and Careers, an organization dedicated to empowering and educating people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events.The CLRC and Cancer and Careers have worked together on numerous seminars and educational events across the country.

Cancer Support Community Logo
Cancer Support Community
The CLRC has partnered with the Cancer Support Community to help develop a book called “Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Coping with the Cost of Care.”Managing the cost of health care today can be extremely challenging for many Americans. CSC and its affiliate network are committed to empowering patients and families to connect with community resources and partner organizations. This 2nd edition addresses the current health care climate and streamlines the crucial financial resources available to people in treatment for cancer. Coping with the Cost of Care workshops, held in communities around the country,feature resources available both nationally and in each location’s local community. Having access to financial advice and assistance is essential to empowering patients, their caregivers, families and friends. This informational book is available online.

Caring Bridge Logo

The CLRC has joined the CaringBridge Awareness Alliance to further efforts to provide resources to those coping with cancer. CaringBridge websites offers those coping with significant health challenges an easy and free way to communicate with their support network. For more information, visit


California Dialogue on Cancer LogoCalifornia Dialogue on Cancer
The CLRC has partnered with The California Dialogue on Cancer (CDOC), a coalition of cancer control leaders from throughout the state. These leaders include members of state and local government, members of the public, non-profit organizations, health, medical, and business communities, the research community,cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates. The members of CDOC share the same vision of reducing the cancer burden on the residents of California.

Fertile Hope Logo

Fertile Hope
The CLRC has joined with Fertile Hope and LIVESTRONG to develop a joint position statement regarding Health Insurance Coverage for Iatrogenic Infertility. Health insurance in the United States is currently inconsistent in its coverage for fertility preservation in cases of iatrogenic infertility caused by cancer treatments, which limits patient access to care, potentially reduces survival rates, and may result in unnecessary costs for health insurance providers. Accordingly, it is our position that health insurance providers should provide coverage for all standard fertility preservation services for individuals at risk for iatrogenic infertility from necessary medical treatments. The full position statement can be found here.


Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

The CLRC has teamed up with Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE), to provide an overview of insurance and privacy issues, from employment discrimination to health insurance appeals.  This resource can be found here. Additionally, the CLRC and FORCE, in partnership with Bright Pink, need your help! We would like feedback on access to preventative services for individuals with a genetic predisposition for cancer. We would like to hear about your experience with insurance coverage, including private insurance, employer-sponsored health plans, Medicare, and Medicaid. We are interested in learning about your experience in order to ensure that individuals with a genetic predisposition for cancer receive the best possible care. To complete the survey, please visit: Note: This survey is intended to gather information on access to preventative care for individuals with a genetic predisposition for or family history of cancer.  Please do not fill out the questions based on access to treatment after a cancer diagnosis.


Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Logo
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

The CLRC recently reviewed The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s new edition of the Financial Health Matters pamphlet.The pamphlet provides information on types of health coverage, financial assistance, and federal employment protections. Click here to view the guide.


The CLRC is a member of the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance! The LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance is a coalition of organizations with the goal to improve the survival rates and quality of life for young adults with cancer between the ages of 15 and 40. The Alliance is committed to promoting research and the investigation of the problem, serving as a voice for the issue, and promoting effective solutions. The CLRC is proud to provide its expertise in cancer-related legal issues and legislative advocacy to the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance. For more information about the LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance, click here.


Lymphoma Research Foundation LogoLymphoma Research Foundation
The CLRC has partnered with The Lymphoma Research Foundation (LRF), the nation's largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to funding innovative lymphoma research and providing people with lymphoma and healthcare professionals with up-to-date information about this type of cancer. LRF's mission is to eradicate lymphoma and serve those touched by this disease.


MedClaims Liaison Logo
MedClaims Liaison, LLC
The CLRC has partnered with MedClaims Liaison, LLC, a company that specializes in empowering patients by advocating for them and assisting them in reviewing historical and ongoing medical expenses and identifying areas where the patients have been overbilled or not properly reimbursed.

National Brain Tumor Society Logo
National Brain Tumor Society

The CLRC collaborated with the National Brain Tumor Society on a brochure for brain tumor patients called “Returning to Work: Is it Right for You?” National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) is a nonprofit organization inspiring hope and providing leadership within the brain tumor community. They exist to find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by brain tumors. To access the brochure, click here.


National Cancer Legal Services Network Logo
National Cancer Legal Services Network

The CLRC has teamed up with the National Cancer Legal Services Network - LegalHealth, a division of the New York Legal Assistance Group, is a national network of providers that assist cancer survivors and their families with legal issues.  The Network is comprised of direct legal services programs, pro bono groups and organizations that provide training to healthcare professionals and survivors. The Network members will share best practices, exchange information and resources and discuss sustainability strategies. The Network and list serve are open to any program throughout the country that assists survivors on legal matters. People who are interested can subscribe by clicking here.


OMG! LogoOMG! Mod Squad
The CLRC participated in the 4th Annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults in New York City. The summit is a major international oncology conference and social networking event for young adults affected by all cancers, as well as for their caregivers and providers. Nine of the country's leading young adult advocacy groups partnered to better serve the needs of the growing community of survivors and caregivers, providing social and educational programs tackling hard hitting issues like employment, insurance, legal rights, sexuality, relationships, intimacy, fertility, peer support, social media, clinical trials, legislation and more.

Pink Ribbon ImagePartnered for Progress Latina Task Force
The CLRC is a member of the Partnered for Progress (PFP) Latina Task Force. As a member, the CLRC is one of a full spectrum of organizations involved in improving the health status of the local Latino community in Los Angeles, through private and public advocacy, health education, medical care, support groups, and survivors. This task force has worked closely with the community and academic research partners to develop culturally and linguistically appropriate study materials and recruitment plans, and to provide input regarding qualitative data analysis and interpretation.

The Pink Fund Logo
The Pink Fund
The CLRC's legal staff have become weekly contributors to The Pink Fund blog. The Pink Fund provides short-term financial assistance to men and women who are in active treatment for and recovery from breast cancer. The Pink Fund blog provides practical, helpful information for those coping with cancer. Click here to read our latest article.


Right Action for Women LogoRight Action for Women
The CLRC will provide legal resources and information to Right Action for Women's constituents, to educate breast cancer survivors about cancer-related legal issues. Right Action for Women, a Christina Applegate Foundation in partnership with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, aims to educate women about what it means to be at "high risk" for breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Logo
Susan G. Komen for the Cure

The CLRC has partnered countless times over the years with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the global leader of the breast cancer movement. As the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists, Susan G. Komen for the Cure is working to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures.


Talk About Health LogoTalkAboutHealth
The CLRC recently partnered with, a cancer question and answer web site that provides personalized, helpful, and accurate health answers. The CLRC looks forward to sharing free information and resources on cancer-related legal issues.

Tower Cancer Research Foundation


The CLRC is proud to receive a 2013-2014 general support grant from the Tower Cancer Research Foundation ( The funding helps the CLRC address barriers to access for individual participation by underserved communities in clinical trials. The grant allows the CLRC to address these barriers through patient education materials, seminars that include information on clinical trials, and assistance to patients and researchers.


Pink Ribbon Image


Unidos Coalition
The CLRC has partnered with the Unidos Coalition, a coalition that was formed as a result of findings from the Komen/UCI Data Project and the Orange County Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure 2009 Community Profile Report, which illuminated marked disparities in late stage diagnosis and breast cancer mortality among Latino women in Orange County. The goal of Unidos is to improve breast health for Latinas in Orange County by creating an effective, sustainable, and visible Coalition, which can enhance Latina breast health outreach and education, access to care, and advocacy.