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Settlement of IHSS Lawsuit will Prevent Devastating Cuts to Home Care Services

March 20, 2013

Seniors and people with disabilities will continue to receive IHSS without interruption. On Tuesday, March 19th, DRLC and other lawyers representing In-Home Support Services (IHHS) consumers, unions and the State of California have reached a settlement that will prevent the implementation of devastating cuts to IHSS.  In the settlement, the State has agreed to repeal and eliminate two major cuts to IHSS: (1) the 20% across-the-board reduction in IHSS hours from 2011, and (2) the termination or reduction in IHSS for many recipients based on their functional index score from 2009.   The settlement also clarifies that IHSS consumers have a right to request a reassessment based on a change in circumstances, even if this change is not medical.  The State has agreed to clarify that recipients will not be required to provide medical certification of a change in their medical condition to obtain a reassessment.  This will help ensure that consumers who need additional hours will be able to obtain them.

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