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Professional Panel

The CLRC is seeking attorneys with experience in employment, insurance, estate planning, government benefits, consumer rights, or family law to join its Professional Panel and help people navigate their cancer-related legal concerns. Speaking to an attorney who is an expert in their legal issue can make a real difference to a person dealing with cancer.

What is the CLRC’s Professional Panel?

While the CLRC provides critical information and resources that help individuals deal with their problems, the CLRC does not provide them with direct legal advice or representation. Sometimes, the CLRC’s callers require legal advice or direct advocacy in order to resolve their concerns. The CLRC refers these individuals to attorneys or other professionals on the CLRC’s Professional Panel who practices in their geographic area and have expertise in the area of their inquiry. 

How big of a commitment must I make?

A Panel member’s initial commitment is a limited one: the Panel member agrees to provide a CLRC caller with a minimum of a 30-minute consultation, in person or on the telephone, and to provide the CLRC caller with advice or limited intervention.  Any further representation is up to the Panel member and the referred CLRC caller.  Referrals are assigned based on subject matter, with consideration of the nature of the CLRC caller’s case and geographic location.

How can I join the CLRC’s Professional Panel?

The CLRC is seeking volunteers with experience in employment, insurance, estate planning, government benefits, consumer rights, and family law, who can provide a critical service for people with cancer and who are willing to employ their legal expertise to that end.  We hope that you will join our efforts! If you are interested in becoming a member of the CLRC's Professional Panel, please click here.

Here's what one of the CLRC’s Professional Panel members had to say about his experience:

“Over the past several years, I have responded to scores of referrals from the Cancer Legal Resource Center.  Some of the callers just needed reassurance that they were receiving all they were entitled to from their insurers, their employers, and their physicians. Others have required substantially greater assistance and, unfortunately, many of them have been forced to take legal action. Without fail, these callers have viewed the Cancer Legal Resource Center as the last line of defense in securing their rights at a time in their lives when they were most vulnerable. Every time I visit the Center, I am amazed by the enthusiasm and intensity the CLRC’s attorneys and staff bring to their task, and the sincerity and empathy with which they conduct their work.”