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San Francisco Woman With Cancer Sues for the Right to Die On Her Own Terms

SF Weekly

 A leukemia-afflicted San Francisco woman filed a lawsuit Wednesday in attempt to make it legal in California for doctors to assist terminally ill patients allowing them to die peacefully on their own terms. 

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California cancer patient sues for right to doctor-assisted death


 A 53-year-old California woman suffering from leukemia sued the state's attorney general and San Francisco's top prosecutor on Wednesday seeking the right for physicians to aid the terminally ill in taking their own lives.

The lawsuit asks San Francisco Superior Court to "clarify" that a California law making it illegal to aid, advise or encourage someone to commit suicide does not apply to doctors assisting a dying, mentally competent patient.

Assisted suicide case filed in San Francisco Superior Court: Can right-to-die come to California?


The latest attempt to shape the right-to-die debate has come in the form of a lawsuit filed by a cancer patient and five doctors with the San Francisco Superior Court.

At present, California has a ban on physician-assisted suicide. Oregon, Washington and Vermont have passed legislation by either the legislature or the ballot box allowing terminally ill patients to obtain lethal doses of medications from their physicians, while New Mexico and Montana gained differing degrees of right-to-die protection from court cases.

Lawsuit Asks Court to Allow Doctor-Assisted Suicide in New York


A group of doctors and patients, some terminally ill, on Wednesday asked a New York court to rule that doctor-assisted suicide is not against state law.

The lawsuit, filed against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman in Manhattan Supreme Court, claimed that a New York law making it a crime to cause or aid another person to commit suicide does not apply to doctors who prescribe fatal drugs to mentally competent, terminally ill patients who ask for them.

Lawsuit Looks to Legalize Aid in Dying in New York


Latest 'death wtih dignity' push following the death of Brittany Maynard.

A group of patients and doctors filed a lawsuit Wednesday asking the New York Supreme Court to rule that aid in dying to terminally ill patients is legal in the state.

The lawsuit argues that having a doctor help a mentally sound, terminally ill patient end their life does not fall under the state’s current assisted-suicide ban, under which physicians can be prosecuted for manslaughter.

Advocates File Lawsuit Against NYS To Clarify Law On Doctor-Assisted Suicide

CBS New York

Two patient advocacy groups have brought a lawsuit against New York State, asking the court to declare that doctor-assisted suicide is legal.

Lead counsel and executive and legal director of the Disabilities Right Legal Center, Kathryn Tucker, told 10101 WINS the lawsuit is about clarifying the law in the state.

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Three Terminally Sick Patients Sue New York State over Assisted Suicide Law Against Doctors

New York Daily News

Steve Goldenberg, Sara Myers and Eric Seiff are asking a judge to issue an order protecting their physicians from criminal prosecution if they give them ‘aid in dying.’ The trio and the doctors and organizations who joined them in the lawsuit contend a mentally competent patient opting for a peaceful death is not suicide.

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New York Lawsuit Seeks to Legalize Doctor-Assisted Suicide


A group of New York doctors and patients is continuing the death with dignity push publicized by Brittany Maynard, who lived in the East Bay.

On Wednesday, those in New York are filing a lawsuit asking courts to rule that medically-assisted suicide should be legal.

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NY Lawsuit Seeks to Expand Civil Rights of Dying

The New York Times

A group of doctors and terminally ill patients are asking New York courts to declare that doctor-assisted suicide is legal and not covered by the state’s prohibition on helping people take their own lives.

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DRLC Lawsuit Generates Media Attention Across the Country

DRLC's recent lawsuit, co-counseling with the Law Office of John Burton, against the City of Hawthorne and the Hawthorne Police Department for unlawfully assaulting and brutally tazering an architect who is profoundly deaf has generated press coverage across the country.

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