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Legislative Advocacy

Make your voice heard.  Participate in legislative advocacy efforts on your own or join other existing legislative advocacy efforts.  Here you can find information on current legislation, upcoming events, and other legislative advocacy resources for individuals with disabilities and people coping with cancer.  Learn how you can make a difference!

For more information regarding DRLC's or CLRC's legislative and regulatory advocacy, please click below.

General Legislative Advocacy Tools

Cancer Legal Resource Center's Guide to Legislative Advocacy

Glossary of Legislative Terms

Sample Letter to an Elected Official

To participate in Susan G. Komen for the Cure® advocacy efforts

To participate in American Cancer Society advocacy efforts

To participate in LIVESTRONG advocacy efforts

Federal Legislative Advocacy Tools

To find information on Federal Legislation, click here or call the Office of Legislative Information on Capitol Hill (202) 225-7400

How to Find Your Elected Official

California Legislative Advocacy Tools

How to find information on California Legislation

How to find your Elected Officials in California

Register to Vote in California