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Core Values

Advocacy: DRLC is a strong advocate for disability rights, in the
community, the society, and the world. Advocacy includes litigation,
administrative advocacy, legal information, and policy making.

Education and Learning: DRLC teaches people with disabilities,
educators, businesses, employers, governments, and others about
the rights of people with disabilities. DRLC facilitates empowerment of
people with disabilities to advocate effectively for themselves and to use
the resources and tools available to them. DRLC never stops learning
about the rights of people with disabilities, the needs of the disability
community, and the most effective means of achieving those rights and

Justice and Fairness: DRLC seeks justice for people with disabilities. The
DRLC’s goal is justice, for our team, our clients, and our communities.

: DRLC’s work has transformative impact on the community,
systemic, and global levels. We work to change systems and to cause
ripple effects that will affect individual and attitudinal change.

: DRLC expects excellence in all of our work due to our deep
respect for ourselves, the community and our mission.