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Community Advocacy Program

Community Advocacy Program serves as DRLC’s intake line that connects callers with resources, referrals or direct services with our organization. Community Advocacy Program also provides limited representation on smaller legal matters and conducts trainings in the community.  Law student externs and volunteers, who are supervised by an attorney, provide legal information to callers with disability-related issues or disputes so that they may explore all options, including legal but not litigation representation. 

Community Advocacy Program also publishes Know Your Rights Materials to answer questions in the areas of housing, transportation, barrier removal, voting rights, and service animals.  Please click here for more information.

 To complete an intake you can call our intake line at (213) 736-1334 or toll free at (866) 999-3752. If you would like to complete an online intake form, please click on the link below.  Please note that online intake forms that are submitted are confidential. Please provide a full and complete description of your legal issue in the form below, including your contact information (e.g. address, email, phone). After an attorney reviews your file, we will contact you within 2-3 weeks if we can take your case or need more information; otherwise we will mail you a letter closing your file and provide you with referrals and relevant information that may be of use. Thank you for contacting the Community Advocacy Program!

To complete an online intake form, please click here.