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Practice Areas

DRLC serves people with disabilities, with an emphasis on low-income individuals, residing throughout California. Although our work is local, our impact is national. We maintain specialized programs that focus on areas of pressing concern to the disability community. Our client base includes people with all types of disabilities; people affected by cancer and HIV; children and students with disabilities; medically fragile children and wounded veterans.

DRLC practice areas include:

Cancer Rights Program

Civil Rights Program

Services We Provide
We provide legal representation for the following types of cases:

  • Discrimination/Mistreatment/Harassment on the basis of disability in housing, transportation, public places, schools, telecommunications, law enforcement, jails, juvenile halls, etc.
  • Special Education focusing on systemic discrimination, physical access (including due process hearings)
  • Discrimination/Mistreatment/Harassment based on the use of a service animal
  • Failure to receive reasonable accommodation

Services We Do Not Provide
We do not provide legal representation for the following types of cases:

  • Criminal
  • Employment (except through our HIV Law and Policy Project)
  • Domestic Violence or Harassment
  • Personal Injury
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Applications or Appeals for Public Benefits (this includes representation at administrative hearings)
  • Trusts/Wills/Estates/Conservatorships
  • Traffic/Parking Violations

DLRC uses the rule of law to strengthen the capacity and power of the disability community.