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2013 Cancer Rights Conference

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To all attendees at our Southern California Cancer Rights Conference

We thank all attendees for your attention, your feedback, and great comments. We hope the information was useful and that you may use it for your personal wellbeing or to further help your clients and teams. 

Please click here to access the slides used in the conference.

If you were unable to submit your evaluation, you can still send us your comments by filling out this questionnaire.

We encourage you to send us any additional comments or suggestions by e-mailing us at

Sponsors, exhibitors, and partners

To our sponsors, exhibitors, and partners, your support was invaluable to the success of the Cancer Rights Conference. Thank you for your help in our work to improve the lives and survivorship of people facing cancer.

Mama's Hot Tamales

By popular demand, we want to share a hidden gem in the Los Angeles community, our lunch caterer, Mama’s Hot Tameles. Sandi “Mama” Romero is the owner of Mama’s Hot Tamales, as well as an advocate in the cancer community. 

The Northern California Conference has been cancelled

We apologize for any inconveniences this cancellation may cause you. However, unforseen circumstances prevent us from holding our conference in August. We will keep you posted on any new dates.